Applying the comfort zone principle to your relationships

partnersYou are on your way applying the Comfort Zone Success Cycle to your own life?

Now how can you use it to work better with others such as your spouse, friends, and co-workers?

Knowing the profile type of others around you helps you to understand why they work the way  they do, and lets you each take advantage of your strengths in the relationship.

For example some partners had a shop. Angie was out front with the customers all day, and Brian did all the planning, organising and paperwork. They were both miserable. They each took the profile test and found that Angie is an Evaluator and Brian is a Performer. They swapped jobs, and now because their tasks are better performed by their more comfortable natural routines and behaviours the business is more profitable and running more smoothly, and they are happier than they have been for years.

A business couple was frustrated because she always wanted to create new stuff and he saw problems with everything. He hated the lack of preparation, she hated the “complaining”. They took the profile and found that she is a Creator and he is a Predictor. Now they know that she should do the innovation and that he should state the problems as risks that they can work to avoid. Knowing that these ways of thinking is just how they are has brought an understanding that has brought them closer than ever and improved their productivity

What frictions do you find with people at work? What areas of your life may be inefficient because someone is in the wrong role?

Send your friends, family, and co-workers to take the profile at  Share results with each other and see how you can use the information to improve your various relationships.


Jonathan Chase

Developer – Comfort Zone Principle

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