The new Comfort Zone Principle Explained

The new Comfort Zone Principle explained

Simply put I think Success is the satisfactory completion and repetition of a cycle of behaviours with an enjoyable and rewarding outcome.

And I also think your true Comfort Zone is also the satisfactory completion and repetition of a cycle of behaviours with an enjoyable and rewarding outcome.

I’ve always found it quite amusing that we humans are the only animal that values hard work. All the other creatures only do stuff which comes naturally to them and that’s easy. If something is difficult they just ignore it.

I also smile at the misguided idea that someone who is stuck, uncomfortable, disaffected and looking to change is somehow in their ‘Comfort Zone’. The people I meet looking for more momentum and to maximise their abilities and experience are far from comfortable in even the widest possible meaning of the word.

Weakness, stress and disillusionment are not comfortable, not for anyone ever. And the concept that people who are running the wrong or weakest set of behaviours are doing so because that is their nature is also just plain wrong.

You’re natural state, your true comfort zone, is the place where your behaviours align with how your limbic system, the emotive decision making system, is connected in your brain. That’s where you default to when you are doing nothing and it should be where you are when you want to achieve your best results and most pleasing behaviours.

You are naturally wired to be strong and revert to your true hardwired and natural Comfort Zone. It’s your natural state of being and the place in which you are the most comfortable and operate the best. You have no choice which of the personality comfort zones is your Primary State.

We’re not playing a choice game.

The point of my work is to make going to where you are going to, and going from where you are, as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for you and everyone else.

You may think that the way I am interpreting ‘Comfort Zone’ is wrong or too simplistic, but it will still work either way regardless.

Now I’m a hypnotist, an influencer and a mind coach, even though the fact is we’ve no idea what mind is yet except that it is energy as is everything else.

And as a Mind Coach I will tell you that it is all about choices. But I’ll also tell you it’s about choices within the limits of what we can do and much of that is designed by how we are bio-mechanically and neurologically wired.

The Mind exists. Be it a separate entity or a product of a working physical process. We use it to experience and because we know things are cyclical, we can stop being passive and start using our hard wired strength deliberately to start to enhance and enlarge that experience.

But the mind has to use the tools it has, the Brain and the Body it is using or being produced by. I’ll go into more detail about this in my next books, but for clarity you can’t be anyone else and they can’t be you.

This is only a limitation of course if you let others dictate what that ‘you’ is.

Seeing yourself for what you are and how you are, what you do and how you do that and that’s my chosen job, or perhaps it chose me! As an Observer I don’t really care, it’s bloody good fun though.

Now knowing when it is that you’ve achieved ‘success’ is based on the intent you started with and the realisation of that desired state. Intent is all about being focused and the lack of doubt.

So it pays to understand what success is, for you. It might be financial independence and wealth. It could be recognition and fame. Whatever it is, it brings F.I.S.H in to your life, that is:

Fulfilment – Inspiration – Satisfaction – Happiness

Unlike a lot of development and life enhancement systems the Comfort Zone Principle isn’t about discovering your weakness or just your strength. We recognise that you are ultimately a mixture of both.

If we focus on weakness personal development becomes nothing more than finding someone to teach us how to get good at the stuff we’re not good at. And if it’s just about strength then we may never discover how to share the load and reduce the stress every time we have to circumvent or do our best at the stuff we profile weak for.

That’s why so many people go to these development seminars. I think it’s wrong to think we need to strengthen our weaknesses, but to totally ignore or avoid them is also disastrous.

It’s my approach that we shouldn’t try to get good at our weak behaviours. If we start focusing on our weakness and trying to make it stronger, then we weaken our strength because we’ve neglected it. Doing this balances everything out so that we become not weak and not strong. In fact, we just become average. And who on earth wants to be average?

I apologise to all those who do, but I guess you’ll stop reading at this point anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

So the first thing you need to do to quickly start enhancing your experience is to figure out what you’re strong at, I’ve invented the Comfort Zone Profile and Success Cycle to do that.

We all do all the behaviours in the cycle with varying ability, and discovering the whole picture is best but… Find your naturally strongest behaviour and focus on that. That’s the key to starting the momentum of your success cycle.

Jack Canfield, author of ‘Chicken soup for the soul’, said to “Concentrate on your core genius.” He didn’t say anything about your weaknesses or even your secondary strength. He’s talking here about your primary strength. Some people call it talent.

Once you start that movement within the cycle in the place that’s right for you, concentrating on the corresponding natural behaviours for your strength, you’ll start going faster and faster and become more deliberate, balanced, focused, targeted. The rest has got to follow in order around the cycle. It has no choice.

Just like tomorrow never happens yesterday but always happens tomorrow

Momentum is the secret you get the very best out of life and doing the things you’re best at is the secret of being within your comfort zone and getting the most from that.

We’ve developed a way of discovering your comfort zone in a psychometric profiling application on the interweb at get your profile and discover what your hardwired comfort zone is.


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