Are you doing it Your way?

Frank Sinatra in his comfort zone
Frank Sinatra did it his way

Are you doing it your way? Or do you try to do it someone else’s way?

It’s coming at us from all sides – Follow me I know the way – it worked for me so it’s going to work for you!

Just stop and think:

How many times have you thought of that song and tried to do it someone else’s way? Most people do that, thinking that if it worked for them, it has to work for you!

How many times have you tried to take Massive Action and failed miserably?

How many times have you been told the Only way to go is to write down your goals? write lists and stick to a plan, and never been able to?

How many times have you been told to have the picture of what you desire in front of you everyday? And are still wondering after the pictures have faded, where it is.

How many times have you been told that you can have anything you want by modelling someone else who is successful?

Truth is successful people do what they do by finding momentum from their natural Comfort Zone and then, because they can see you work differently to them, they tell you that if you step outside of your comfort zone and follow them, you’ll be successful too.

But it doesn’t work like that. Successful people are there because they were uncomfortable and stepped into their zone where they felt comfortable and confident. They found their subconscious strength.

The hugely successful giant of personal development Tony Robbins has been doing the same thing for the last 30yrs what he does everyday produces for him excitement, enlightenment and joy, otherwise he wouldn’t have kept on doing it in the way he does it! He momentum from his comfort zone, followed his passion and did it his way.

I wonder if Alan Sugar wakes up every day to another stressful, anxious job because he’s out of his comfort zone? Is Tom Cruise a highly successful actor because he stepped out of his comfort zone. I guess not. Have you ever considered that these people actually stepped INTO their Comfort Zones and found their momentum.

So where is Your Subconscious Strength, your Comfort Zone? Are you in it? Enjoying what you’re doing, successful at it, feeling excited and happy everyday, or have you just stepped out of it thinking that you’ll do it someone else’s way and feeling scared, anxious, miserable and uncomfortable?

To find out the best way to do anything you first need to know how you are hard wired to behave, and how you should do things from your subconscious strengths, your comfort zone.

Go along to the Start Subconscious profiling and discover how to get unstuck and find the momentum, Your Way.

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