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Prosuasion the Art of professional Influence with Jonathan Chase hypnotist #subskills

Pro-suasion Jonathan Chase

Better Your Business Professionals just like you, in high stress, high concentration, high performance Leadership environments, need to perform at their peak. We believe you have to have Presence and use your subconscious skills to gain confidence, build your Professional Presence and gift others what they need, so you get what you want. We teach […]

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Unleashing the power of the 9yr old inside Jonathan Chase #subconsciousskills

Unleashing the Power of the 9yr old Within

Unleashing the Power of the 9 yr old within Imagine a human being was a car… In this case it’s being driven by Peter, it could be being driven by Petunia or Pauline but in this case it’s Peter. The car is pointed where Peter wants to go and he has learnt the skills to […]

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Image by Kevan Craft from Pixabay

Do You Need To Keep Growing?

You don’t have to ‘grow’ forever to become big enough to be comfortable and successful. Subconscious Skills Success

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