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The 5: Don’ts that help your Corona common sense, and keep you safe from the ‘experts’

(image credit: nadine-shaabana) I’m seeing so much crap from the therapy world at the moment. Even hypnowotsits claiming to be able to stop you touching your nose when it itches, or worse cure your cough. Bloody hell let’s get real guys. Touching your face isn’t the problem. Touching a surface that’s been directly coughed at or on, […]

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head fix Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

Head Fix – Keep Your Mind In The Game

When I say ‘head fix’ it isn’t because you’re broken. You just need your internal house refurbished and renewed. Think of keeping your mind in the game, rather than just repair. I had to have the doors widened in my house a while ago. My new wheelchair was two inches wider and measured to fit both […]

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A recipe for wealthy thinking Jonathan Chase Hypnotist

A recipe for Wealthy Thinking

I was once called the Gordon Ramsey of Hypnotists. I’d like to think that was because of my passion for elegant simplicity and adding value to my clients lives, although I fear it may be because when I get passionate I do have a tendency to swear a little… well okay, a lot…

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Unleashing the power of the 9yr old within Jonathan Chase the hypnotist

Unleashing the Power of the 9yr old Within

Unleashing the Power of the 9 yr old within Imagine a human being was a car… In this case it’s being driven by Peter, it could be being driven by Petunia or Pauline but in this case it’s Peter. The car is pointed where Peter wants to go and he has learnt the skills to […]

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Influence-persuasion Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills

Persuasion or Influence?

Persuasion and Influence. You nearly always see these two together don’t you? I use them together because thanks to usage what they actually mean is lost behind what people think they mean.

The truth is that one is usually hard work and the other – well the other just happens.

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