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Prosuasion the Art of professional Influence with Jonathan Chase hypnotist #subskills

Prosuasion the Art of Professional Influence

Up Your Game We show you How to Present and use your subconscious skills to gain confidence, build your Professional Presence and gift others what they need so you get what you want. We teach Communication Secrets behind how Hypnosis, NLP, Mesmerism, Mentalism, and Metaphysics work for you to Influence. For more information about our: […]

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Jonathan Chase and Jane Bregazzi #subskills at the SW Business Expo Nov 2019

South West Business Expo

Come and meet us on stand 19 by the restaurant. Wednesday 20th November 2019 Subskills Training Please follow and like us:

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Mind STYLE app Psychometric testing strengths and stress success cycle #mindstyleapp #subconsciousskills developers Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase

Does it feel like you’re someone else inside?

Psychometric Testing Does it feel like you’re someone else inside? MindSTYLE app FAQ 10 questions answered might shed a little light on this. Q: What is a Subconscious Strengths and Stress psychometric Testing about? A: Psychometric Testing with the MindSTYLE app is a set of questions that are designed to discover your natural Subconscious behaviours […]

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subconscious skills going underground jonathan chase covert conversational hypnosis

Going Underground

Conversational Hypnosis I’ve often been asked about how to use covert and conversational hypnosis surreptitiously for Influence and Persuasion without the targets knowledge. In the Subconscious Skills programme (formerly the Svengali System) I go into the technique in much more detail, but the bottom line is really simple. Hide it right out front and just do […]

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Unleashing the power of the 9yr old within Jonathan Chase the hypnotist

Unleashing the Power of the 9yr old Within

Unleashing the Power of the 9 yr old within Imagine a human being was a car… In this case it’s being driven by Peter, it could be being driven by Petunia or Pauline but in this case it’s Peter. The car is pointed where Peter wants to go and he has learnt the skills to […]

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Image by Kevan Craft from Pixabay

Do You Need To Keep Growing?

You don’t have to ‘grow’ forever to become big enough to be comfortable and successful. Subconscious Skills Success

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