Chinosis is what’s fondly become known as an energy psychology approach.

Pro-Suasion pop-up seminar with Jonathan Chase Hypnotist #subskills news

Pro-suasion 2 Day Pop-Up Seminar

“MIND BLOWING LEARNING EXPERIENCE” Empowering Executives, Experts and Leaders to Sustain Success with less Stress Day one the 5 PILLARS OF PRO-SUASION Gain the secret of unstoppable Intention, Induction, Intensification, Installation, Invigoration. Day two MENTAL MASTERY 4 PRESENTATION READ PEOPLE, GET RAPID RAPPORT GAIN INTUITIVE INFLUENCE Secrets and new approaches from the skills of a […]

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the subconscious skills training room

Subconscious Skills Training Room

THE MOST CONSISTENT AND DEPENDABLE WAY TO HELP AND INFLUENCE OTHERS IS TO LEARN HOW TO DO THAT SUBCONSCIOUSLY   Our online digital video and audio classes. Hypnotic Influence, Rapid, Direct Suggestion Hypnosis. Get instant access HERE >> Please follow and like us:

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secrets of stage,rapid hypnosis and mentalism masterclass jonathan chase hypnotist

The Secrets of Stage, Rapid Hypnosis and Mentalism Masterclass

A Fast, Fun, Effective weekend Learning Experience for the Professional and Hypno curious to increase your understanding of true MIND LEADERSHIP for business, sales, entertainment, confident communication; with the ‘Chairman’ of Hypnosis JONATHAN CHASE March 7th 8th 2020 Holiday Inn M4 (jnct 10), Reading, Berkshire UK   Fact is that most people just want to […]

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subconscious skills going underground jonathan chase covert conversational hypnosis

Going Underground

Conversational Hypnosis I’ve often been asked about how to use covert and conversational hypnosis surreptitiously for Influence and Persuasion without the targets knowledge. In the Subconscious Skills programme (formerly the Svengali System) I go into the technique in much more detail, but the bottom line is really simple. Hide it right out front and just do […]

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CHiNOSIS Coach Training

Self Help & Coaching Energy System Take the secret of how your mind focuses and talks to you, add that to some gentle touching of a few energy points on your face, torso and hands – nothing you can’t do in public – and you have a process to change energy flows that allows you […]

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