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Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily brings together Comfort Zone Principals, cutting edge psychometrics 10 quick question personality testing profile

Comfort Zone Myth Jonathan Chase the hypnotist

The Comfort Zone myth

The Comfort Zone Myth Even some of my most revered inspirers are still apparently stuck in the myth of comfort zones being places to get out of. Seth Godin writes on the 9th of January 2017 asking how many times do you step outside of your comfort zone? And he is right it can become […]

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Mind STYLE app success cycle #mindstyleapp #subconsciousskills developers Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase

Mind STYLE FAQ 10 questions answered.

#InsideYourComfortZone? 10 questions answered.

Q: What is a Comfort Zone Profiling?

A: Comfort Zone Profiling is a set of questions that are designed to discover your natural behaviours which are most likely to give you the biggest result and reward. Creating success with less stress Inside Your Comfort Zone.

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true happiness starts from your comfort zone pig-in-mud MindSTYLEapp Jane Bregazzi Jonathan Chase the hypnotist

Happy In Your Comfort Zone

Happy In Your Comfort Zone There is a huge movement these days to become more self aware, a ‘Wellness Revolution’; appreciation and preservation of the self, through mindfulness and yoga, diet, and a wealth of holistic therapies. All this is well and good to keep you firing on all cylinders. But when you return to […]

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finding your zone subconscious skills jonathan chase the hypnotist

Finding Your Flow

In personal development and corporate leadership… … we have been told that to achieve greater success we must, “Step outside our comfort zone”, to obtain any real change and be at our most productive. We believe the opposite is true. People are often stressed and uncomfortable and achieve less than they could when operating outside […]

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