Is retirement more scary than a room full of zombies?

Jane Bregazzi – Jonathan Chase

We help our retiring Professional Expert partners regenerate and restructure to build A Better legacy Lifestyle Enterprise in the second half of your life…

Hey it’s us, Jane and Jon

You’ve reached that point in life where, as the Professional Expert, you want to make your mark, recognised for your efforts and rewarded for your contribution, and retirement is more scary than a crowd of walking dead zombies in your living room.

You don’t really want to be the company boss working harder with more stress and hustling constantly. You just want the Ability to make more choices.

Our best-fit clients are like us, mostly couples who are partners in life and crime; errr business, looking for a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle enterprise. Most of our clients are at the maturity level of 45+.

Why 45?

In life and doing business we believe the expert age really hits the bridge around 45; our age when we started our lifestyle enterprise educating, Executives, Professionals, Consultants and all sorts of Experts to do something real and rewarding.



Live with purpose and impact, leaving a legacy!


Be Comfortable with yourself and your wealth!


Have the gift of giving back without it costing!

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Like you, we hate complexity, bullshit theories and stress inducing discomfort, so we specialise in clarifying and strategising showing you the simple way to a better lifestyle and enterprise.
We don’t do therapy or coaching.
We teach and train your brain!

Our MIND TRAINING is fast, fun and effective showing you how to get more Profit from your endeavours,  experience more Pleasure from your adventures, and have more Purpose in your relationships.

Our approach works on a three part strategy. (We always use #1 even in a 20 minute discovery chat )

The Exploration where we discover and explain your STYLE and run you through our Foundation Focus interview.

The Evolution where we discover and develop the new you and your potential after your baggage has been booted out.

The Consolidation where we teach, install and implement some simple to use Subconscious Skills for Success to motivate, manage and maintain your momentum.

“Your mind is in safe hands.”

Rt.Hon., Anna Sourbry MP (Former Minister of Small Business and TV Presenter) CentralITV

Focus alone

2 hour Zoom subconscious session.

Focus and Book

Three days with us plus book recording, creation and production


Publish and Products Partnership

Team and Leadership Company Consult Training Speaking

We also supply a Team and Leadership Consult Training and Speaking for companies up to 20 employees or Executive corporate departments. Jonathan Chase has spoken at many top venues worldwide, delivering fast, fun, effective edutainment to Enhance Your Bottom Line Success.

Keynotes, Influence, Confidence, Presence.

As each consultation and presentation is bespoke please contact us to discuss the best approach for your needs from Jonathan Chase’s web page