We work mostly with Experts, Executives, Professionals, and Leaders looking to restructure and simplify your Lifestyle Enterprise.

Comfortable Confidence

Okay we get the idea that comfort zones are seen as the wrong place to be. That’s wrong. You can be comfortable with success and that brings on Confidence like you won’t believe.

Increased Influence

You impact peoples lives and so influence everyone you meet and interact with. When you focus entirely on your experience and expertise to the max your connection and contact increases your influence.

Personal Presence

Brands are often backside forwards. People follow people not logos. Having presence of mind helps you remain stress free and make the best decisions being 100% genuinely you.

Our Solutions

Make Friends with Yourself and Influence People

We have an ever growing library of video, audio, and pdf tutorials and trainings you can get Momentum right now and take your self value and communication and influence skills truly to the next level.


What’s your Mind Style?

The Success Seekers guide to the Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily. Your talents, tastes, tendencies are hardwired. How you do things, your default behaviours, execution and strategy are your nature.


Subconscious Skills Success

Frustration comes from a lack of Focus Just imagine a rapid supercharge Mentoring where you WILL walk away with a simple success strategy, business blueprint, strategies and a script for success…

We don’t believe in bragging, we do have pride in our achievements

Since we started teaching hypnotism and moved ever more into the world of Personal and Professional Development in 2000, we’ve had the honour of training hundreds of people in person, teaching thousands via online tutorials, books, products and programs, and Edutaining Millions on YouTube and Radio…
Books are our best Business Card – we often give them away in digital format to the curious…

What's Your MindSTYLE book by Jonathan Chase and Jane Bregazzi #subskills

Discover your mind Style now and understand the
Subconscious Talents You Leverage Easily

Subconscious Skills Success book by Jonathan Chase #subskills

Launched at the  – Best You Expo London – Olympia
February 2019


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LinkedIn testimonials

“I thought I knew a little about public speaking and presenting, that was until I met Jonathan Chase!!
He watched, recorded me and the audience, analysed both; and then, with his partner Jane Bregazzi, spent 2 days honing my skills. He knocked off the rough edges and made the invisible visible. He is simply the finest resource I have ever come across and I would suggest to any budding or established speaker – presenter that if you want to be truly effective and engaging, this guys coaching is a must. However good you think you are, he will make you better.”

Darren Laverty
CEO Foster Denovo




“Working with Jonathan has been life changing! He is also one of the most interesting and amusing people I have met in the last few years. He has hypnotically influential communication skills and ideas to say the least! Thank You Jonathan [and Jane] for ALL your support and bringing the fun back into my work and your fresh comical view of the world of business. To anyone reading this, I will be very happy to discuss if you are on the fence!”

Nathaniel Schooler
Brand Marketer IBM Futurist. Host Business Acumen Podcast




“When you first meet Jonathan, he immediately has that Xfactor presence! Its not hard to like someone so impressive but his work ethic and the sheer volume of his work is impressive. Jonathan is a natural leader and teacher, he helped me immensely to find the right voice and has continued to advise me from the font of his great knowledge. He’s not just a hypnotist this would be to limit a man that is a teacher, entrepreneur, stage performer, Speaker of great ease and skill, Coach, Writer, leader. I would recommend him without reserve.”

Althea Grant
Les Brown Platinum & International Speaker – Author – Coach Family/Children Solicitor

When No One Else Is Looking Podcast #WNOEIL

Mind Experts Jane Bregazzi and Jonathan Chase talk about, to and with; thought leaders, entrepreneurs and performers; asking the questions no other podcast cares enough to know, to discover who our experts and influencers truly are – especially
When No-one Else Is Looking.
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