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Hypnosis is one of the primary Subconscious Skills and Jonathan Chase is ranked among the best in the world, his DVD package (also online) Hypnosis Installed, has won high praise from all in this hypnotic world. And as the Academy of Hypnotic Arts, founded by Jonathan Chase and Jane Bregazzi they trained hundreds if not thousands of students worldwide to master the art of Hypnosis.

To mention a few, Anthony Jacquin and his father Freddy Jacquin, Adam Eason, the late Jeffrey Stephens, Carl Smith, Tim Box, Zoe Clews. And the influences in the hypnotic world are far-reaching.

Jonathan as a former stage hypnotist – working in the 90s alongside Paul McKenna and Ken Webster on the board of the British Council for ethical stage hypnosis, was responsible for starting a move towards a more rapid style of hypnosis in the early naughties.

Now you can have access to all this knowledge online by going to:

>> https://academyofhypnoticarts.com <<