The Secrets of Stage, Rapid Hypnosis and Mentalism Masterclass

secrets of stage,rapid hypnosis and mentalism masterclass jonathan chase hypnotist

A Fast, Fun, Effective weekend Learning Experience for the Professional and Hypno curious to increase your understanding of true MIND LEADERSHIP for business, sales, entertainment, confident communication;

with the ‘Chairman’ of Hypnosis

March 7th 8th 2020
Holiday Inn M4 (jnct 10), Reading, Berkshire UK


Fact is that most people just want to be better at what they do, and learning the secrets of stage hypnosis and mentalism, strangely enough, can help you do that?

Let me tell you about this Fast, Fun, Effective weekend Learning Experience for the Professional and Hypno curious to increase your understanding of true mind leadership for business, sales, entertainment, confident communication, or a great party piece at networks and team meets.

With me, the Chair-man of hypnosis… 😉

Loads of people have asked me, mostly on podcast interviews, “Why did you become a stage hypnotist?”

Truth is I wanted to be on stage and famous and can’t really sing, dance or tell jokes, so that left magician, stage hypnotist or contortionist… and stage hypnotist, then, made the most money!

And to be honest I look crap in lycra.

Seriously though as an ex-nurse turned award winning Hypnotist, Mentalist, Author and now, an Edutainer and M.I.N.D. Mentor; stage hypnosis has given me a lot more than just a best selling book and international recognition in the beautiful art of getting people to do stuff.

It’s helped me become a better communicator, even with a Midlands accent. It’s South Staffs by the way, not Birmingham…

And it was the first thing I really taught as I discovered my love and talent at installing information in your head – oh yes I have!

But, even the best things live out their time and at 65 it’s time to retire from hypnosis training as I restructure my lifestyle and business to fit.

So this is the last of my LIVE stage classes.

I’m going to show you how to break the ice in any, and probably every, conversation situation, how to make every networking nightmare a fun experiment, and even how to stick people’s hands to their head. Not recommended with your Uber driver!

By Lunch on day one, regardless of your experience, you’ll have hypnotised, we guarantee that, at least as good as any big name like McKenna.

After day two you’ll be able to virtually read minds and magnanimously manipulate your colleagues, clients, friends and even your family to be better… or at least be amazed at your fascinating new skills.

Now thing is that most people teaching this show you what they do and get you to become a bad copy of them, me? I’ll show you how and why it works, then show you how to make it yours.

It’s been called the Secret Sauce of ‘suggestionism’ – by me, just made that up… 🙃

So, I’d love to see you in Reading in March click Here for more details and BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW!

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There’s some goodies for getting on the boat fast!

See you soon,

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Mother now grandmother, along with my partner Jonathan Chase, I love helping professionals have more impact, clarity and simplicity of thought. I'm a book creationist as well, giving our midlife transition clients, more purpose and legacy.

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