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How to protect yourself from Political Persuasion NLP and Hypnosis

How to protect yourself from Political Persuasion NLP and Hypnosis during the election campaigning.

And in case you don’t know NLP is Hypnosis when it works and unproven psychobabbling rubbish when it doesn’t.

And if you live in Britain you are going to see and hear a lot of it over the next few weeks as we head towards that great British display of massive apathy which we call The General Election.

It’s true, everyone who has to ‘speak’ is paying out huge chunks of the wages you pay them, to people like me, to learn how to use presupposition, visual anchors, embedded commands, Ericksonian language patterns, body language and of course covert hypnotic edge influence; to persuade and influence you to stand at a polling booth and choose their tribe in favour of all the other tribes who, apart from wearing a different colour tie or scarf, or none at all, are saying exactly the same thing with the same intent.
Thing is thanks to largely erratic training and the inevitable lack of finesse from the arm swinging eye rolling candidates who haven’t bothered to practice; the vast majority of them will end up sounding like a babbling-bush idiot and looking like something between a badly sown glove puppet and a Windmill.

Except mine of course. 😉

The scary thing is that it does actually work if you don’t know what you are looking at and listening for.

Last night I sat and watched our PM – that’s Prime Minister, or president in everything but name for our English speaking friends Abroad in the sad position of not having any tradition older than the average pine tree…

I watched Mrs May on the news last night with her head poised at an angle that made her look like someone had concreted a couple of vertebra, this apparently makes you look honest, as does the head forward eyes up stance so favoured by live sales TV channel hosts trying to convince you that your greatest needs will be fulfilled by a crystal pig.

Next we see the moment silence – deep intake of breath to flush the skin and make you look reluctantly determined, stoic and trustworthy because you have to do the deed for the sake of the general good – followed by the classic “Because” move.

If you give a reason following the word “Because” it adds tremendous weight to your argument because people like to feel you’re telling them everything; even though they know you’re telling them nothing.

It doesn’t matter what comes after that magic word “I think you should do as I tell you Because it works that way.” Is an argument politicians use all the time if you really listen.

Actually politicians usually believe the above anyway so their impersonation of the spring loaded nodding dog you see on the parcel shelves of cars driven by people with the sense of humour of a slug, is being backed by Self Belief and Intent. A rare and powerful combination.

Next we watch the body.

Mostly, and in the case of say Mr Corbyn definitely, many politicians are not oil paintings. Not of the Mona Lisa variety anyway. Think more birds eye view of a badly executed pothole repair with very bad taste in jackets by Picaso.

It comes from all those years of stress as they toil to stop their erstwhile employers, that’s you that is,  realising that they out number the occupants
of Whitehall Palace 500,000 to one and that they actually have a legal right to say ‘stop it’.

And all those years stressful micro expression suppression, give the political visage the stickiness of a superglue sandwich and the flexibility of Michael Jackson’s death mask.

Once they begin to smile or frown the chosen expression just stays there for hours.

Until of course they learn NLP and modelling, the safe face of suggestion and hypnosis.

Then they realise that if you move something, the eyes are attracted to the gesture and away from the face, especially away from the eye of the speaker where the true point of wanting to be in one of the highest paid jobs in the country can be detected.

Then the focus is directed away from the obvious rubbish they are saying by the subconscious sign language which is, according to some of the experts, 90% of the communication mechanics between humans.

That is of course unless you are on radio, the telephone, txt’ing or typing and frantically misspelling in an InterWeb chatroom or on FaceSpace or Towtter where our body language is replaced Neuro Linguistically by the use of embedded commands such as placing the call to action word ‘Now’ after…. well just about anything really.

Like “When is NOW a good time to give up all hope and enter the domain of despair you’ll live in for the next five years after voting for me?”

And of course in writing and speaking by adding the dread exclamation mark to everything *!*And I do mean Everything!!!!! your conscious logic gives up and gives over to your emotive subconscious.

Actually the world communicates more now with video as the technology catches up with the fact that the human eyes are quite important.

Most communication nowadays, especially in the UK if you are 16 and have thumbs more dexterous than Nijinski’s toes, is done without the ability to see the protagonists body.

However most experts will tell you that doesn’t matter, because if you make the gestures anyway the listener will be able to detect them through the subconscious recognition of vocal tone changes in your voice.

Which actually is probably true. It certainly works if you smile, people can and do ‘hear’ that for sure.

So how did this all come to the point where you should know how to protect yourself from it?

There was a time of course when a great orator was simply that. Good at talking. Usually because they actually believed in what they were saying.

They then said stuff in a certain way, moved their head and body just so. Clenched their fist or beat their chest. Or did nothing physically but changed the tone of their voice and spoke with absolute focus.

Back in the seventies, when I was watching the like of Robert Halpern on stage in Glasgow and the Amazing Kreskin on television and fuelling my own burning ambitions in hypnosis and total world domination, there was a movement of events which led to the idea that if you do and say what I do and say you become as good as me at what I do.

Which may or may not be true. You’ll certainly not become better at what You do but that’s a different story.

This led to the phenomenon of people learning to be speakers and presenters rather than just believing in something and telling people about it with passion.

At that time in the Americas, of which some States are United, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed, discovered or just plain invented by a linguist and a mathematician in California who were both very good at subconscious communication and suggestion.

The force behind the ‘copy me become me’ school of thought was born. Or at least was wonderfully commercialised and corperatised so that the word Hypnosis didn’t come into the equation.

And this is what led to almost all speakers, especially of the trained variety, all looking like a cross between Ghandi, Hitler and Mother Teresa and sounding like the overly polite southern state psychiatrist which most of the really serious language patterns are based on, a guy called Erickson.

The thing that makes all this work of course is belief.

No, not yours in their argument, what makes it actually work is their belief that doing this stuff means they are in control of your desires and decisions.

Believe something strongly enough and you can rave and wave all over the place and regardless of any logic a vast amount of people can and will follow you.

And like it or not if you don’t know what to look for or to listen for; you too will be affected to some degree. Sometimes even more so if you think you are critically analysing their drivel. Especially if you buy into the Punch and Judy shit slinging accusatory approach,

So, what do you do to protect yourself from the persuasion invasion?

Well as they are already beginning to turn our tellies and papers into a mesmerising cock fight, they are using the power that your inability of being unable to look away from the car accident gives them.

So, how do you stop your mental process being directed and changed without your knowledge?

Firstly don’t watch. Close your eyes or turn around. Body language is great when people can see it and pretty useless otherwise.

Secondly listen for the words ‘Now” or any word that signals they are talking to YOU.

That personalises things for your subconscious You and Your are the obvious ones.

Mostly words that end in *LY* are obviously and powerfully directional, and of course as I’ve said don’t forget the reason words like Because.

I’d bet a pound to a penny that whatever comes before that word is dubious and mostly what comes after the word is a lie.

Thirdly move to an island in the south Atlantic, the Pacific being a bit politically wobbly itself at the moment; and stay until after the elections returning with the honest statement that no one can blame you because you weren’t even at the scene of the incident.


Vote for the Official raving loony party who are usually too poor or too crazy to use this stuff and who promise that when they get in they are taking everyone on holiday to the Bahamas for two weeks on the falling over fluids.

Which for me is more believable than what the other lot will have you believe.


Can we cure M.E.?

I read today that a woman in Britain was set free from the murder charge with which she had been given after assisting her daughter to commit suicide after suffering from ME from the age of 14 until she died at the age of 31.

I’m not interested in the morals of the case. People decide to do stuff and if the persons involved all know what they are doing and are not innocent or incompetent or just too plain stupid to make decisions then I figure it’s their life, their choice

What does interest me about this case is ME or Myalgic
Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome or basically just feeling sick and tired with no apparent reason.

Now I have personally never dealt professionally with ME. Although I suspect I may have under a different label. Its symptoms which vary considerably to the point where there really are no specific ones and being labeled with the condition is what’s left after the medical diagnosticians fail to reveal anything and everything else. So in medical terms it stands for ‘No Idea’.

I have however read about similar states in very old books. In many books written before 1939 when the ME tag was added so that it could be filed more neatly, conditions of the spirit and body which seem unerringly similar to the dread ME were around. Everything from being possessed by a lazy spirit, through Ague and Morbidity right through to Hysteria. Yet, except for the possession theory, they all agreed that the root cause of the malaise was emotional or of the spirit!

Now don’t get me wrong here. If you have ME it is very real. Just because something is said to be all in the mind doesn’t mean that it does not affect the body, that would be stupid. The smallest emotion affects the body. That’s its job. Otherwise fear wouldn’t make you run away or freeze and amusement wouldn’t result in aching ribs and crying. And trust me I do know what it feels like to be consistently uncomfortable in some way and tired for most of the rest of the time. having a neuromuscular condition myself. So I empathise. What I am doing however is wondering about the cause and of course, the possible remedy of what is a totally debilitating condition.

On the UK ME association site – there’s an association for just about everything now isn’t there? On that site – – in the section marked
Complementary treatments the only mention of anything dealing with the mind is that of the ‘Lightening Process’ a combination of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.

Sad really because I have no doubt that even if hypnosis can’t get rid of the thing itself it can undoubtedly help to combat the effects at an emotional level which could make the difference between life being so unbearable that it stops being an option and getting enough from your existence that you at least enjoy more than you suffer.


Google Masturbation

And now – this being the first of the Weekly Wednesday Wisdoms – to set the format for my meanderings I will have a look around the InterWeb for something Silly, unbelievable, disgustingly cute, terribly bad or just sodding amazing.

Something designed to fill your head with Dopamine
and make you smile. And just for the look of the thing I shall apply the eye of the Hypnotist to whatever we may find. . . if you have any suggestions where I should go then leave them below if there is a space for comments or go to and drop some graffiti off there.

Now this may or may not make you smile but it certainly made my grin chin appear. I Googled the name Jonathan Chase and pressed ‘I’m feeling lucky!’ and it went right to My site!

That’s it. I can retire now.

Now I am more ‘important’ than a Gay Actor, a Photographer and a General.

It’s hard. Well it would be wouldn’t it? This is Google Masturbation after all. Being number 1 on Google’s ‘lucky’ search is like having a penis extension without the cost of buying a Bugatti Veyron or a Range Rover.

It means you is ‘Da man’, or it means that everyone who shares your name hasn’t got as good a search engine optimisation programme as you.

Either way it made my day.

See you next week.


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