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WNOEIL Podcast Introduction

WNOEIL Podcast YouTube Main header Jonathan Chase Jane Bregazzi

In this inaugural show we introduce you, the loyal listener, to the who why what where when, and all the other W’s, of becoming subconsciously successful in lifestyle enterprise!

We introduce you to the show sections such as the ‘Baby Boomer Blast’ and the ‘Elder Wand spot’ where we challenge our guest experts and influencers to pick something to “Change-amhora!”

As silverpreneurs and business owners, we believe life and success should be stress free, fast, fun and effective, we target helping you with the psychology of comfortable Confidence, increased Influence and powerful Presence; the things we all need to succeed.

We love Experts and Influencers who are in the second half of life and who want to restructure and not retire; and our motive is to help others experience a better lifestyle enterprise doing that for themselves.

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